1. Photo Sessions

    For us, photography means observing people and their natural emotions. For that reason our photo shoots are not hasty and are based on unconstrained trust between the model and the photographer.

    Each photo that we jointly create is - for us - the story of the photographed person.

    We do:

    wedding and event photography

    maternity, children and family photo shoots


    nude & boudoir photography

    Photography is not a factory - everyone is different and unique.

    We plan your photo shoot individually. Firstly, we are brainstorming to answer the expectations of both sides. We do that together with you, which facilitates our future work. Our photo shoots are informal, it is hard work, and you may get relaxed with a glass of good wine while listening to some decent music.

    All photographs will be be stored, printed or presented the way you specifically request.

  2. Albums

    Every day we are surrounded by thousands of images...
    How many of them do you still remember the next day?

    Every day we are surrounded by thousands of images on your laptop, tablet and phone screens... Therefore, the presentation of photographs is growing in importance.

    We will prepare an exclusive product so that your photos are not left forgotten on your hard drive.

    All our products are handcrafted and designed uniquely for you.

    We offer:

    photo books

    passepartout albums

    unique album boxes

  3. Prints

    We both design and print your products. Our high quality photo lap offers colour prints as well as B&W (4 b&w inks).

    We carefully monitor the whole process: photograph post processing preparing to print printing.

    We know you have wishes and we work to make them happen.

    We print on paper/canvas of various structure and grammage. Our demanding customers can also choose from a wide range of professional artistic papers.

    Your prints can be framed up to the size of 100x70 cm.

    Our monitors and printers are calibrated by X-Rite ColorMunki Photo measurement device.

  4. Scan & Calibration

    Do you still have old negatives? You can rescue them and bring to high resolution!


    Old photographic materials may get scratched, stained and lose their colour in the course of time. We scan photographic films and store them as digital jpg/tiff files as well as correct their exposure, contrast and colours and remove small defects.



    A well calibrated monitor and printer are vital for accurate post processing. An incorrectly calibrated screen may often bring about wrong decisions as to adjusting the exposure, saturation or curves. It is really important to synchronise the screen and printer settings, too. We perform monitors, printers and projectors calibration with a professional X-Rite ColorMunki Photo measurement device.